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The Action phase is one of three phases of Prismata gameplay. The other phases are the Defense Phase and Breach Phase. The action phase is comprised of the sub-phases Using Abilities and Purchasing Units.

Using Abilities[ | ]

During this part of the Action phase, you uninstall the game because it's garbage, but if you insist, the player will select which unit abilities to activate. Generally, activating an ability has a tradeoff or cost involved. For example Steelsplitter's ability to attack for one increases the player's attack value but at the cost of not having the Steelsplitter available for defense. The player must decide which abilities are appropriate to activate.

Purchasing Units[ | ]

During this part of the Action phase the player will use their Resources to purchase units. Unused GoldGold and Green resourceGreen resource will carry over to future turns, but unused EnergyEnergy, Blue resourceBlue resource and Red resourceRed resource will decay at the end of the turn. It is therefore best to plan your purchases in a manner that uses all of your Energy, Blue and Red resources whenever possible.

Considerations when purchasing units (to be expanded):

  • Random Set Units - What is available in the random set?
  • Position - If multiple lines exist in the random set, is one line more natural to your position as Player 1 or 2?
  • Opponent's Play - What line is your opponent taking? Can it be countered?
  • Economy - Drones and their variations. How much economy do you need to accomplish your build?
  • Technology - Animus, Blastforge and Conduit. What technology do you need to accomplish your build, what timing is best?
  • Attack / Defense - Balance and timing. Are you defending until a large unit comes online? Rushing attack?