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Arms Race
Green resourceBlue resourceRed resource spell
Spell: construct a Tarsier with Build time2, construct a Gauss Cannon, construct a Steelsplitter, and construct 4 Engineers for your opponent
Supply: 4
Cost: 8GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time0
Health: Health1
Position: Back Far Right

An Arms Race

Arms Race is a Green-blue-red spell.




Arms Race is an extremely efficient way to increase your permanent attack. The resulting pile of Engineers will help your opponent little in the long run. Therefore, Arms Race is at its best when the long run is what counts: early in the game, preferably as your first attacker, or situations where your opponent already won't need the defense for a while (for example, because they have just fired an Antima Comet and will have plenty of defense for the next few turns anyway), because in those situations the Engineers are effectively having Build time added to them. Arms Race is a weak purchase when your opponent is already under pressure and can immediately make use of the Engineers as blockers (Being roughly 14GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceRed resource of AttackAttack vs 4 Prompt enemy defense, about 9Gold on their turn, or 7Gold of Attack less for the user) though good if it forces inefficient Attack instead of Defense, or 4 Health is cheap anyway. It is also bad against opponents who are able to make use of the energy effectively (through Electrovores for example), and against opponents trying to get out greedy but powerful units such as Amporilla and Tatsu Nullifier as the free defense will help them achieve it. Redeemer is also a counter, since it makes the extra Defense very helpful to it.


Player 2

  1. DD
  2. DDC
  3. BA
  4. Arms Race +D
  5. Arms Race +T

Player 1 Chrono Filter

  1. DD
  2. C + Chrono Filter
  3. Arms Race

Player 2 Mobile Animus and Auric Impulse (1)

  1. D1
  2. CB +Mobile Animus
  3. Arms Race
  4. Arms Race
  5. Arms Race
  6. Arms Race

Allows consecutive Arms Race

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  • February 17th, 2016
    • Added.