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Borehole Patroller
Green resourceBlue resource unit
When Borehole Patroller is bought, construct a Pixie.
At the start of your turn, gain Attack
Supply: 10
Cost: 6GoldGreen resourceBlue resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health2
Attack: Attack
Position: Front Far Left

A Borehole Patroller

Borehole Patroller is a Green-blue unit.




Borehole Patroller is a pretty low-impact unit, but is clearly worth getting in a few situations:

  • As a first attacker in a set where you played a green & blue opening. Compared to Steelsplitter, the extra Pixie threatens to punish your opponent more if they fail to buy a Wall immediately. (The vigilant absorb also comes in handy often here.)
  • As a more-efficient version of Steelsplitter in a set where you were forced to get several Blastforge for a heavy hitter like Odin or Apollo but now have nothing better to spend blue on.
  • To defend against threatened damage and freeze, like a miniature Xeno Guardian. Using threat of Attackattack is often an ok deal vs it though.

Borehole Patroller is extremely useful in Lancetooth games; rushing one as your first attacker gives you an immediate AttackAttack with which to buy a Lancetooth, and meanwhile the Borehole offers limited absorb so that you aren't punished as hard if you refuse to buy a Wall and your opponent decides to skip their Lancetooth.

It is also more efficient than most attackers when pressure is higher, since more of its attack is immediate, and can even Blockerblock for 2 at the cost of future attack, if required.


If the best attacker is Borehole Patroller, a rush can be practical. Player 1:

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. CBD
  4. Borehole Patroller +D
  5. Borehole Patroller +BD

Player 2:

  1. DD
  2. CDD
  3. BDD
  4. Borehole Patroller +DD (WBD instead if enemy has it)
  5. Borehole Patroller +BD (Don't get W if enemy has 1 only)
  6. W...

Change log[]

  • June 30th, 2015
    • Added to the game.