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Green resourceBlue resourceRed resource unit
Prompt (Prompt: blocks immediately)
At the start of your turn, gain AttackAttack
Supply: 1
Cost: 18GoldGreen resourceGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time0
Health: Health6
Attack: AttackAttack
Position: Front Far Left

A Centurion

CENTURION is a powerful 2-damage attacker that can act as a 6hp defender at the same time. Oh, and it's ALSO PROMPT.




Centurion is one of the biggest and best absorbers in the game. Even Defense Grid is usually worse despite having more health, because Centurion is prompt, has unlimited Lifespan, has a more convenient tech cost, and provides AttackAttack which is worth more than a few extra Drones. As such, its presence generally means you should go for a large economy of 20 or more Drones.

Because absorbing enemy damage is so important in Prismata, Centurion is almost always a must-buy even if it forces you to invest in tech buildings you didn't otherwise want. In those cases, look for units like Centrifuge, Chrono Filter or Flame Animus, which can allow you to cheat part or all of the tech cost of Centurion.


Because Centurion only has 1-supply, it's countered by units that provide constant chill such as Vai Mauronax, Shiver Yeti, and to a lesser extent Tatsu Nullifier. They can freeze Centurion every turn and deny its absorb. However, Centurion is not a terrible price for just two constant attack and six prompt defense, so even in these sets Centurion is often worth buying if the cost isn't out of reach given your economy and tech setup.

Because Centurion is so expensive, it's often difficult or impossible to buy it and defend against a burst attack (e.g. Grenade Mech, Protoplasm) in the same turn. In these cases you'll want extra resources/defense (Spare Green resources for Forcefields most likely) so you can buy Centurion without getting breached immediately. If your opponent can delay your Centurion, the game can spiral into disaster quickly.


Anti-Fastimus Centurion[]

The following is a common line for P1's Centurion if P2 builds a T2 Animus for Tarsiers. Faster Red resource attack forces a less great line.

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB
  5. WDDD (WDDC for lower tech commitment)
  6. CCBA(E)
  7. Centurion

This line floats one blue and takes 2 damage on T6, and leaves P1 slightly overteched, but it does get Centurion out in a timely fashion. Note that if Player 2 goes full Rhinos to pressure, the common line must hold a Drone.

A more aggressive version:

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB
  5. WCA
  6. TTBD (TTB hold D vs 6 Attack)
  7. Centurion

This puts 2 extra Attack, and gets Centurion while it defends well, if Opponent doesn't rush for 6 attack. It forces a drone hold vs such pressure though.

Player 1 Natural Animus Line[]

Player 1 Animus line can build it quickly against a High Econ opponent that sets up for ramping Attack.

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDA
  4. TTD
  5. TTDD
  6. TTDC
  7. TBB
  8. Centurion

The Centurion is deployed on a Turn that would require it, without a leftover Wall. This leaves the user overteched. If it can be delayed 1 turn, it's much more efficient.

Player 2 Rushed opening[]

This avoids overdefending while getting Centurion vs faster timing enemy attack. Improved with larger attack unit options such as Redeemer. Allows getting a Forcefield vs burst as well.

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDDE
  4. DDDDC
  5. DDDDA
  6. TRBBD (Centurion setup may be delayed 1 turn)
  7. Centurion + T (float 1GoldGreen resource)

Player 1 Anti Red Rush line[]

  1. DD
  2. DDE (If DD, enemy uses the normal line)
  3. DDD (Enemy adds 2 Attack per turn)
  4. DDEB (Block -EE)
  5. WDEC (-EE)
  6. WBA (-WE)
  7. Centurion (-W, 16GBBRR tech left)

In the case that opponent starts a Fastimus rush with too much support on the unit set, such as Electrovore + Smorcus, etc.

Change log[]

  • October 11th, 2014
    • Cost increased from 16GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resource to 18GoldGreen resourceGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resource.
  • October 2nd, 2014
    • Cost changed from 16GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceRed resourceRed resource to 16GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resource.