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Chrono Filter
Colorless unit
At the start of your turn, gain Blue resourceRed resource, and Exhaust2 (Exhaust 2: cannot do anything until 2 turns later)
Supply: 1
Cost: 4Gold
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health2
Exhaust2 (start-of-turn effect)
Position: Back Left

A Chrono Filter

Chrono Filter is a legendary Colorless production unit. It produces one of both Blue resourceBlue resource and Red resourceRed resource, but only every other turn through its Exhaust2 Exhaust.




Chrono Filter provides you with one Blue resourceblue and one Red resourcered only once every two turns due to its Exhaust2Exhaust. Only one Chrono Filter can be built. It is especially useful in Random sets with units that need both Blue resourceblue and Red resourcered to build (for example, Hellhound) and for units where you need one additional Blue resourceblue or Red resourcered, but do not want to purchase an additional Blastforge or Animus (for example, Amporilla off a single Animus).

Chrono Filter has the same gold-to-tech ratio than Blastforge and Animus: 1 Blue resourceblue every 2 turns is worth 2.5Goldgold, plus 1 Red resourcered every 2 turns is worth 1.5Goldgold for a total of 4Goldgold on average. Therefore it is perfectly fine to build if you can utilize it wisely.

A strategy is to build Chrono Filter early (going second on turn 2 for example, instead of an early Conduit) and then build aggressive units very early.

Additionally, Chrono Filter is very strong in sets with units that have a high tech-to-gold cost ratio (such as Pixie or Shadowfang) as it allows you not to waste left over tech. For example, if you have 14 Drones, an Animus, a Blastforge, and a Chrono Filter, you can buy two Tarsiers and a Wall in each turn where Chrono Filter doesn't activate, and buy a Shadowfang, a Pixie, and a Wall in each turn it does, thereby not allowing any tech to go to waste.

For example, in a random set with:

If you have:

  • 14 Drones
  • an Animus
  • a Blastforge
  • a Chrono Filter

Your Resources will be as follow:

  • On Chrono Filter's turn, you have 14GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resourceRed resourceRed resource.
  • On Chrono Filter's off turn, you have 14GoldBlue resourceRed resourceRed resource.

As a result, you can buy:

  • On Chrono Filter's turn, a Shadowfang, a Pixie, and a Wall.
  • On Chrono Filter's off turn, two Tarsiers and a Wall.

Thereby your tech is used to its fullest extent.

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