Unlike chess and some other games of complete information, Prismata does not require rote memorization or extensive opening book study to be highly competitive. However, it can still be helpful to be aware of some common build orders.

Many aggressive builds are difficult or impossible to overcome if the opponent does not anticipate them and adjust accordingly. Familiarizing oneself with these builds is helpful in finding opportunities to use these tactics, as well as learning to counter them.

The following notation is used for all build orders in this article. These apply to base set units. Random set units will be fully spelled out, unless otherwise noted.

The majority of these openings are only available to Player 2, due to starting with an extra drone. In most cases, Player 1 will be one or two gold short when attempting a P2 opening. However, many of the openings do become available to Player 1 if Doomed Drone or, in some cases Wild Drone, is in the set. Examples of this include Delayed Tia Thurnax, Tatsu Nullifier Rush, and Double Scorchilla.

General Tech Progressions

These openings do not focus on units from the random set, but are examples of common lines to efficiently build drones and tech structures.

Natural Conduit

Player 2 has the first opportunity to build a Conduit without cutting Drones. This is particularly advantageous in sets with strong green units, and integral in many common openings.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC

Turn 3 Blastforge/Animus

Player 1 has the first opportunity to build Blasforge or Animus without cutting Drones.

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDB


  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDA

Big Blue

Player 1 can opt for a large economy while wasting very few resources. This is ideal for defensive sets or ones containing strong blue units such as Drake.

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB

Naked Tia

This is the standard Tia Thurnax rush, available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC
  3. ... AC
  4. ... Tia Thurnax* (8 gold and 1 Red remaining)


Win: http://play.prismata.net/?r=6Vos6-P24ez - Endotherm kits work very well with the rush because you can buy one every turn after getting Tia

Loss: http://play.prismata.net/?r=4RFmg-NT1UZ - Naked tia, into feral wardens.

Loss: http://play.prismata.net/?r=z4lYD-odxOQ - Holding Naked Tia & Rhino with base set only

Chrono Tia

If Chrono Filter happens to be in a set with Tia Thurnax, it is possible to land a Turn 3 Tia. This is perhaps the most aggressive and risky opening in the game. It is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DC
  2. ... C + Chrono Filter
  3. ... Tia Thurnax* (4 gold and 1 Blue remaining)

The Turn 1 play DC is highly unusual and should arouse suspicion.


None yet.

Delayed Tia Thurnax

Compared to the Naked Tia, this opening gets an extra 3 Drones, as well as 2 Tarsiers that attack the same turn as Tia, at the cost of only one additional turn.

The delayed Tia Thurnax build is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC
  3. ... DA
  4. ... DDTT
  5. ... DDT + Tia Thurnax

This build order was shared by Pseudoradius on the Prismata subreddit, where he stated:

"This gives you 9 Attack on turn 6 and leaves you with 9 Drones. Enough to go double Tarsier or Tarsier + Rhino every turn afterwards.

This build severely punishes opponents that opt for a high economy strategy. If Thurnax is available, going for triple Drones probably is suicidal."


Pseudoradius vs. ChoKosoku: http://play.prismata.net/?r=H4T0j-4Nqdf

Pseudoradius vs. DrTasslehoff: http://play.prismata.net/?r=6EY+P-zADjr


Turn 3 Rush

This is an extremely aggressive opening and is telegraphed by cutting a drone on turn 1. It is available to Player 2:

  1. ... D
  2. ... AA
  3. ... Shadowfang


Astute opponents can easily counter this if they recognize it on Turn 1.

  1. DD - D
  2. DB - AA
  3. DS - Shadowfang
  4. WEE - Shadowfang
  5. SDE

From this point, the player is unable to continue buying Shadowfangs and must defend with Rhinos. This counter was even effective prior to the Shadowfang nerf on September 2014.

However, Player 2 is not obligated to follow through with the rush on Turn 2. As Prismata developer Elyot notes, the Turn 1 play can actually be an effective gambit:

"The true power of this opening isn't just that you can double animus. It's that you can completely switch away and do DDB or DDA if your opponent tries too hard to stop you. If your opponent overcompensates and does something really defensive, you can just NOT go AA and then be ahead."

On the other hand, if the opponent does not recognize the Shadowfang rush on Turn 1 and fails to adjust, the rush can still be extremely effective.


Hexmage vs. Kulenych: http://play.prismata.net/?r=SkHXV-pTguZ

Argeiphontes vs. Elyot (Scorchilla Cup): http://play.prismata.net/?r=v@QbO-0BfNq

x3degree vs. SrslySirius: http://play.prismata.net/?r=jd9TP-QwY26

Lunarch Studios - Why We Nerfed Shadowfang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puZ7kcMDZYA


Similar to the Delayed Tia Thurnax opening, this build gets out a Shadowfang one turn later than the fastest possible route, but compensates with the resources to play Shadowfang + Rhino every turn.

This build order is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DD
  3. ... AAD
  4. ... Shadowfang + Rhino
  5. ... Shadowfang + Rhino
  6. ... etc...


Against skilled players, it is often inadvisable to use the RhinoFang as opening Player 2, as it is hard countered by the Player 1 Rush.


SrslySirius vs. Rheb: http://play.prismata.net/?r=GqcB7-Vxn37

Slight variation S,frostbite instead of first S,R : http://play.prismata.net/?r=KX1H3-LbMrO

Player 1 Rush

This opening punishes opponents that attempt to force out an early Blastforge or Animus rather than opting for the natural Conduit. As noted by mrguy888 in the Prismata subreddit:

2...dd is a fatal error in base+shadowfang.

As suggested by its name, this opening is available to Player 1.

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. AA
  4. Shadowfang
  5. Shadowfang + R


Player 2 can preemptively discourage this opening by taking the natural conduit. If Player 1 proceeds with the Shadowfang rush, it can be countered with Gauss Cannons and Walls.

  1. DD - DD
  2. DD - DDC
  3. AA - BG
  4. Shadowfang - WG
  5. Shadowfang + R - WG

This line leads to a slow and painful death for the Shadowfang rusher. A couple Forcefields may be necessary, but once you have around 3 or 4 damage, it becomes indefensible for the Shadowfang player.



None yet.

Turn 4 Rush

The Tatsu Rush is extremely effective against Blue and Red strategies. However, it is easily countered by Gauss Cannons, which are naturally resistant to breaches.

This build order is available to player two.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DD
  3. ... DAA
  4. ... Tatsu
  5. ... Tatsu
  6. ... Tatsu
  7. ... Tatsu


Srslysirius vs. Medar: http://play.prismata.net/?r=fXn1E-m0LB+

iminaBearSuit demonstrates the Tatsu rush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWkW-AuJIS4

Delayed Tatsu

This opening grants the player enough resources to get a Tatsu Nullifier and a Wall each turn. Unlike a typical Tatsu Rush, this strategy can not be defeated simply by buying Gauss Cannons or other breach resistant attackers. However, it is a few turns slower.

The Delayed Tatsu can easily overwhelm opponents that do not manage to mount early pressure. This opening is available to Player 1.

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB
  5. DAA
  6. Tatsu + Wall
  7. Tatsu + Wall
  8. Tatsu + Wall
  9. Tatsu + Wall

If Drake, Omega Splitter, or Odin are also in the set, this may catch opponents off-gaurd, as the build initially resembles a standard Big Blue opening.

Player 2 can use a similar build order, resulting in additional drones.


Kulenych vs. zzz: http://play.prismata.net/?r=FQZaA-ird99

Delayed by player 1 beating a rush by player 2: http://play.prismata.net/?r=YD1Dr-1j@3G

Iceblade Golem

Double Blade Rush

Like most aggressive builds, the Double Blade Rush punishes opponents that opt for a greedy economic opening, or are slow to mount 6 points of attack.

This opening is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDE
  3. ... DDD
  4. ... BBA
  5. ... Iceblade Golem x2

Much like the Delayed Tatsu, this opening resembles a typical large economy build for the first 3 turns.


None yet.

Wild Drone

Mass Economy

When Wild Drones are available, it is possible to go for a super economy more efficiently than with regular drones.

Either player can spam Wild Drones, but the build order is more natural for Player 1:

  1. 1
  2. 1EE
  3. 11
  4. 11EE
  5. 111

The unit Wild Drone is denoted by 1


Will vs. Timex: http://play.prismata.net/?r=aGUHg-txnf7


Double Scorchilla

Because of Player 2's ability to buy a natural conduit on turn 2 (a common line in any set), the Double Scorchilla opening is frequently seen when the unit is available.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC
  3. ... DA
  4. ... Scorchilla x2

An alternative line is to delay the 2 Scorchillas and threaten them on subsequent turns, while building Tarsiers. Like so:

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC
  3. ... DA
  4. ... DDTT
  5. ... Option to Scorchilla x2

This line can be countered by player 1 by buying 2 Scorchillas first. By buying rinos and forcefields, you can can keep the first turn advantage.

  1. DD DD
  2. DD DDC
  3. DDC DA
  5. Scorchilla x 2 ...


None yet.

Asteri Cannon

Turn 4 Rush

This opening seeks to play an Asteri Cannon at the earliest possible opportunity. It is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDC
  3. ... DC
  4. ... Asteri Cannon

The natural conduit on turn 2 is extremely common in all sets, but the cut drone and extra conduit on Turn 3 should clearly signal the Asteri rush. The rush requires one to store 4 gold, allowing Asteri Cannon to be played with only 12 drones.

This build order is very aggressive, not only due to the damage provided by Asteri Cannon, but also because its Forcefields allow the player to spend less on defense. However, this comes at the cost of cutting multiple drones and usually results in an initial economic disadvantage.


Turn 3 Economy Rush

This opening lets you produce Militia and 2 drones every turn from the 4th turn onward. It is available to Player 2.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DB
  3. ... DD Milita

From this turn onwards you can create 2 drones and militia per turn, and you can choose to either attack with the militia, or use the gold it provides

There's also a similar opening as Player 1.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DB
  3. ... D Milita

altough with this opening you will lose some tempo on the drones, but you can always use the militia money if you need to.

In general you need to remeber that sometiems it's better to get the money of the militia then attacking with it for example if you have 1 or 2 vs a wall then get the money. and in another example if you have 3 militia vs a wall and an engi, then sometimes it's better to get the 3 gold then to kill the engi.


http://play.prismata.net/?r=Yu@DY-5bpaO - A p1 militia rush into deadeye


Turn 4 Rush

This opening lets you produce 2 Perforators and 1 animus per turn from the 4th turn onward. It is available to Player 1.

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DD
  3. ... DDA
  4. ... A Perforator

From this turn onwards you can create 2 Perforatrs and 1 Animus per turn, which can preassure your enemy. and when you need to you can use the perforators to defend (they are the best defence value in the game for non promt)



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