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Doomed Mech
Blue resource unit
Lifespan5 (Lifespan 5: dies after 5 turns)
Ability: gain AttackAttack
Supply: 10
Cost: 9GoldBlue resourceBlue resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health5
Attack: AttackAttack
Lifespan: Lifespan5
Position: Middle Right

A Doomed Mech

Doomed Mech is a Blue resourceBlue unit providing good absorb and Attackattack, but with a limited LifespanLifespan. It is part of Antares.




Doomed Mech is efficient at both Blockerdefending and Attackattacking, but has to be timed right to make maximum use of its LifespanLifespan. It has good cost ratios in both Attackdamage and HealthHealth, making it very versatile; it can be used to counter early rushes thanks to its high absorb and Attackattack threat, but can also participate in late game Attackdamage output and Blockerdefense.

Like all units with both LifespanLifespan and BlockerBlock, Doomed Mechs are at their most valuable when sacrificed Blockerblocking on the turn they would die due to their LifespanLifespan. Doomed Mech derives enough of its value from this that it is probably a poor purchase if there won't be enough incoming damage on its last turn to get full value.

Even when not on its last turn, in a Wall absorb game, it is generally good to block with one of your Doomed Mechs each turn and use it as an absorber instead of Wall. Doomed Mech's Health5 grants an additional 2 points of absorb when compared to Wall at the price of 2Attack, but the defensive tempo gained arrives sooner than the defensive tempo taken from the opponent. Of course, if clicking all your Doomed Mechs allows you to breach or something, it is likely still worth doing.

Doomed Mech is vulnerable to being countered by Chillchill units such as Shiver Yeti or Cryo Ray, or especially Nivo Charge, as Doomed Mech's Health5 hp helps the Nivo get full value when normally it would waste part of it by freezing a Wall.

Doomed Mech is excellent at dealing with non-flexible Exhaustsynced attackers with Exhaust, as you know precisely when you will need to have it die on defense and can time it accordingly. For instance against an opponent syncing their Iso Kronuses, buying a Doomed Mech on the turn you take damage ensures it will be on its last LifespanLifespan charge in two Iso attacks.

Change log[]

  • December 9th, 2015
    • Cost increased from 8GoldBlue resourceBlue resource to 9GoldBlue resourceBlue resource.