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Feral Warden
Green resourceRed resource unit
Prompt (Prompt: blocks immediately)
Fragile (Fragile: does not heal)
Ability: gain Attack
Supply: 10
Cost: 5GoldGreen resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time0
Health: Health3
Attack: Attack
Position: Middle Right

A Feral Warden

Feral Warden is a Green-red unit which can act as a Blockerblocker or provide constant Attack damage.




Feral Warden is a versatile unit able to significantly help both your Blockerdefense and Attackattack, especially in low economy games. At its best, it brings you both pseudo-absorb on its Health3 Fragile Health and constant Attack damage.

If you use a Feral Warden to take Attack2 damage through its PromptPrompt Blockerblock, it won't heal and the Warden will remain at Health1 (since it is FragileFragile). However if you keep on buying a Feral Warden to take Attack2 damage every turn, you are effectively absorbing on Feral Wardens continuously. This is referred to as Feral Warden's pseudo-absorb, which technically differs from real absorb only when you can't afford Feral Wardens anymore (except that you will have 5GoldGreen resourceRed resource less to spend on defense each turn).

Making use of Feral Warden's pseudo-absorb leaves you with a pile of Health1 Wardens. Those can in practice be thought of as Tarsiers (with the option to Blockerblock, but just like with Tarsiers you would almost never want to do that). So all-in-all your Feral Warden is a Wall on its PromptPrompt block turn, and then becomes a 5GoldGreen resourceRed resource Tarsier with only Build time1 turn of build time. Considering it costs only 5GoldGreen resourceRed resource, this makes Feral Warden extremely efficient in the right setup. (An attacker for 4GoldGreen resource is extremely efficient, while an extra 1GoldRed resource off the economy for a Wall is no big downside.)

Given the fact that to get full value out of your Feral Wardens you want to use them as final blockers, they look a lot less attractive if you already have a large absorber on the board (such as Energy Matrix or Infusion Grid). As a result Feral Wardens are useful mostly in games that lack bigger absorbers, or early on in the game when damage is too low for a bigger absorber to get full value, for 2 to 4 turns. They are still more interesting than Rhinos in gold-to-health ratio if you buy them simply to die on defense though (you get Health1 more for the cost of Green resource1).

Another use of Feral Warden that can apply even in games with larger absorbers is to defend against threat. For example, if you have a Centurion and the opponent is massing Frostbites, buying Feral Wardens is like buying Gauss Cannons (they cost more or less the same) except that they block first and thus delay the need to buy Walls by one turn. If you buy Feral Wardens every turn, then you will never need to buy those Walls. They share this use with Rhinos.

It should be noted that in the late game of low-econ games, when you are struggling to defend, you might prefer constructing a Rhino and a Forcefield instead of a Feral Warden, since that combo provides Health4 Health worth of defense at nearly the same cost. In that same situation you might sometimes prefer using a Rhino as final defender instead of Feral Warden, as the Rhino isn't FragileFragile and will still offer Health2 Health of defense on the next turn.


Player 1:

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDA
  4. TTC
  5. Feral Warden +TD
  6. Feral Warden +TC

Player 2:

  1. DD
  2. DA
  3. TTD
  4. TDC
  5. Feral Warden +TD
  6. Feral Warden +RE

Player 1 Hellhound cruising.

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDA
  4. TTC
  5. Feral Warden +BE (Floats R)
  6. Feral Warden +Hellhound (2 gold left)

Gives tempo to spam the efficient units.

Player 2 Hellhound cruising.

  1. DD
  2. DA
  3. TDD
  4. CBT
  5. Feral Warden +Hellhound +E

Spam the efficient units.

Player 2 Hellhound and Doomed Drone (1) cruising.

  1. DE1
  2. DDD
  3. A111
  4. TCB1
  5. Feral Warden +Hellhound +111

Player 1 rush with Perforator (1)

  1. DD
  2. A
  3. TD1
  4. CT
  5. Feral Warden (5 gold left)

Player 1 rush with Blood Phage (1)

  1. DD
  2. A
  3. T1
  4. TT
  5. RC
  6. Feral Warden +R