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Gauss Charge
Green resource unit
At the start of your turn, gain Attack, and sacrifice Gauss Charge.
Supply: 20
Cost: 1GoldGreen resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Attack: Attack
Position: Back Right

A Gauss Charge

Gauss Charge is a Green unit. It can be built to increase Attackattack for a single turn.




Gauss Charges activate only once the turn after you purchase them. Therefore buying Gauss Charges does not augment your constant Attackattack, so it is mainly a utility or tech sink unit. For example, if you will lack Attack1 to destroy a Polywall next turn you can buy just one Gauss Charge to do so.

While Gauss Charges themselves can't be held, both ingredients (Green resourcegreen and Goldgold) for Gauss Charges can be stored, making them very similar to Cluster Bolt. However, they are far less efficient due to costing gold, so they should generally not be bought unless you have extra green and nothing good to spend it on.

Gauss Charges are also produced by Venge Cannons and Gaussite Symbiotes, as well as Cluster Bolts, requiring an investment of Green resource.

Gauss Charge (1GoldGreen resource) costs slightly less than Pixie(1GoldBlue resource). However Pixie can be saved for a later turn unlike Gauss Charge.