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GoldGold is the primary resource used to purchase units each turn. Nearly every unit in the game has a Goldgold cost.

Any Gold not spent is stored at the end of a turn.

Gold generating units[edit | edit source]

The primary means of generating Goldgold is through various types of units - primarily drones.

The basic drone[edit | edit source]


Part of the basic set, this drone is the primary means of generating Goldgold. Each turn, it generates 1Gold by using its Abilityclick ability.

Other drones and gold-producing units[edit | edit source]

Auride Core
Galvani Drone
Doomed Drone
Ossified Drone
Trinity Drone
Vivid Drone
Auric Impulse
Thorium Dynamo
Wild Drone
Zemora Voidbringer
Blood Phage