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Many templates on this wiki generate lists of unit information automatically. They include but are not necessarily limited to:

They do so using a wiki extension called Cargo. In short, card information is set to fields of the Units table using {{Unit infobox}}, which usually pulls the information from a data page, but can accept information directly as well. Then templates such as the above generate their lists by pulling the information for appropriate units from the Units table.

Editing the lists[edit source]

The lists cannot be edited directly. Instead, you need to either edit the page that uses Unit infobox or the "data page" linked in the infobox. This will update the properties that the lists are drawing information from at the same time the page information is updated.

Troubleshooting[edit source]

Unfortunately, Cargo isn't always very good about updating the cached versions of pages, especially those where the automated lists appear, so information may not always update immediately on its own.

Make sure the cache is updated[edit source]

If you have just edited a unit page and changes are not showing up in a list, performing a null edit (where you open the page for editing and save it with no changes) on the page with the list is usually all that is necessary. And sometimes a purge will resolve problems a null edit does not.

If a particular unit's information is not showing up correctly, it's often due to caching issues. These two steps will usually resolve the problem:

  1. Go to the relevant unit page and perform a null edit. For example, if Drone's information is showing up incorrectly despite the page having the correct values, open Drone for editing and save it without changes.
  2. Do the same for the page with the list that is showing incorrect information and see if it updates.

When many pages are affected[edit source]

If a large number of units are showing incorrect information or other issues, which might occur after certain template or property changes, you can request a bot resave on the Admin noticeboard. This will perform a null edit on all unit pages.

When all else fails[edit source]

If none of the above works, this usually means it's not just a caching issue. Instead, there is a real error somewhere. Please request assistance on the Admin noticeboard.