Prismata Wiki

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts used to quickly complete an action in Prismata.

Hotkey Guide[ | ]

Buying Units[ | ]

  • E - Engineer
  • D - Drone
  • C - Conduit
  • B - Blastforge
  • A - Animus
  • F - Forcefield
  • G - Gauss Cannon
  • W - Wall
  • S - Steelsplitter
  • T - Tarsier
  • R - Rhino
  • 1-8 - Used to buy the corresponding unit on the random unit tab. Remember these units can be repositioned by dragging up or down with the mouse to change their order. Note that 1 always selects the top unit in the list, 2 selects the second, etc.
  • [Shift] + (hotkey) - Buy the maximum number of (hotkey) units your resources will allow.

Game Functions[ | ]

  • Q - Work with every Drone at once. When used during the Defense or Breach phases, Q will instead assign defense automatically (but not necessarily optimally!).
  • [Tab] - Switch between the Base Unit and Randon Unit tabs.
  • [Space] - Press to end turn, press again to confirm.
  • [Shift] + [Click] - Select all units of that type at once. Very useful when dealing with piles of units that have the Chill ability.
  • [Ctrl] (or [Command] on Macs) - While held down, you see your opponent’s remaining supply in the buy box (instead of your own). If chat is open, pressing ctrl expands chat.
  • [Ctrl] + [Click] - During the Defense phase, defend randomly (or at least not necessarily optimally) with the clicked unit last. Similar to q but with a little bit more control. Very useful when you are defending for one more than the attack, because your only choice in this instance is deciding which unit you'd like to survive.
  • [Ctrl] + [Z] - Undo.
  • [Enter] - To chat.
  • [Up]/[Down] - Switch chat channels.
  • ' - Will bring up hud options allowing you to see total gold next turn, see maximum damage a player can deal during that player's turn and persistently see the opponent's unit supply.