Iceblade Golem

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Iceblade Golem
Blue resourceRed resource unit
Frontline (Frontline: can be attacked directly)
At the start of your turn, gain Attack
Ability: Chill2 (Chill 2: add 2 chill to target until next turn. Units with chill greater than or equal to their health cannot block.)
Supply: 10
Cost: 7GoldBlue resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health6
Attack: Attack
Position: Front Right
An Iceblade Golem

Iceblade Golem is a Blue-red unit. It's an aggressive Frontlinefrontline attacker with high Healthhealth that can also Chillchill.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

At 7GoldBlue resourceRed resource (Goldgold, Blue resourceblue and Red resourcered) for Attackattack, Iceblade Golems are one of the least efficient attacking units in the game. Being Frontlinefrontline units, they're also susceptible to simply being attacked directly. However, their weaknesses are made up by a few strengths:

  • Iceblade Golems have a high HealthHealth to Goldgold ratio, providing Health6 for only 7Gold. Thus, even though they're frontline, an enemy would need considerable effort in order to take one down.
  • Iceblade Golems provide both attack and Chill2chill. While Chill2 is a awkward number to work with, this does make Iceblades able to breach earlier, or force a suboptimal defense by freezing off granularity.

Thus, Iceblade Golems tend to excel against high-blue opponents situations, where they will be able to freeze through the enemy's defenses, as well as providing raw attack power, and a form of defense, as your opponent will most likely focus their efforts on removing Iceblades. Though, considering the Attack value as 5GoldBlue resource, the extra cost thus being 2GoldRed resource for persistent Chill2, means that often the opponent still has a larger cost to pay for Prompt the next turn to compensate. If it forces more than 3GoldBlue resource in defense per Iceblade, it's very strong value.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Having only Chill2chill means that it would require 2 Iceblades to chill a Wall. Supplementary Chill, such as Cryo Rays or Frostbites will allow for much more efficient chilling and thus allow for better use of the Iceblade's Attackattack.

As you will generally be committed to FrontlineFrontline due to Iceblades, others would also do well. Wild Drones will provide an economic boost to pumping out more Iceblades, and Hannibulls can be teched into if the supply of Iceblades are running out, or you simply need Blockerblocker.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Despite their strengths, Iceblade Golems are easily countered by breach-resistant units. Gauss Cannons are the primary counter against Iceblades: if your opponent can pump out at least one Gauss Cannon for every Iceblade, you'll generally end up losing. The primary advantage of Iceblades are their Chillfreeze, which is rendered obsolete if there's nothing to freeze in the first place, and Iceblades are too attack-inefficient to push through breach-resistance. If you see your opponent building a Conduit, you should consider transitioning into Tarsiers with the Blastforge for Walls, or other units in the Random set.

In addition, Iceblade Golems are not Blockerblockers. If your opponent can bring up enough of an offense, they don't necessarily have to focus on your Golems, meaning you'll have to shore up your own defenses in order to ensure you don't get breached.

Openings[edit | edit source]

Double Blade Rush[edit | edit source]

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDE
  3. ... DDD
  4. ... BBA
  5. ... Iceblade Golem x2

Like most aggressive builds, this opening (available to player 2) punishes opponents that opt for a greedy economic opening or are slow to mount 6 points of attack. This opening resembles a typical large economy build for the first 3 turns, potentially lulling your opponent into a false sense of safety.

Replays[edit | edit source]

Player 1 Double Rush[edit | edit source]

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDE
  3. ... DDD
  4. ... BAD
  5. ... Iceblade Golem +BE
  6. ... Iceblade Golem x2

Exactly 14 Economy means it may crumble to instant pressure.

Improved defense version:

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDE
  3. ... DDD
  4. ... DDDB
  5. ... WBA
  6. ... Iceblade Golem x2 +E
  7. ... Iceblade Golem x2 +E

Starts 1 turn later but gets much more Defense.

Player 1 Galvani Drone (1):

  1. ... DD
  2. ... DDE
  3. ... DDD
  4. ... BA111
  5. ... Iceblade Golem +TB (BEE)
  6. ... Iceblade Golem x2 +E

Gets one Tarsier, but it's fast and efficient.

Change log[edit | edit source]

  • October 11th, 2014
    • Health increased from Health5Health to Health6.