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Mahar Rectifier
Green resource unit
Fragile (Fragile: does not heal)
Ability: gain AttackAttack
Supply: 10
Cost: 11GoldGreen resourceGreen resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health5
Attack: AttackAttack
Position: Middle Right

A Mahar Rectifier

Mahar Rectifier is a Green Attackattacker and Fragilefragile Blockerblocker unit with the unique Ability to regenerate Health2 per turn.




Mahar Rectifier's unique ability to heal allows it to pseudo-Blockerabsorb, since it can take Attack4 attack without being destroyed and heal back to full health over two turns.

The best way to use them is to use two Rectifiers as they can 'absorb' Attack4 attack per turn by alternating attacking and blocking: one blocks and drops to one health while the other attacks, then they heal to Health3 and Health5 fragile health respectively, then the other blocks and the cycle repeats. This tactic can provide the same absorb as keeping a Doomed Mech around, so in sets with no better absorber you should try to get two Rectifiers to absorb with, if it isn't terribly inconvenient.

As pure attackers, Mahar Rectifiers are technically more efficient than Tarsiers, but only barely and they are much clunkier. This means they are usually bad if another big absorber such as Energy Matrix is available since you will be using them just to attack.

Using Mahar Rectifier as a primary attacker can be a counter to an Endotherm Kit rush. This is because the Rectifiers are semi-breachproof and reasonably efficient as attackers, so when the Endotherm Kit comes online you can just attack with all your Rectifiers and allow a breach for up to 4 without losing anything important, and an Endotherm Kit that only chills for 12 is not very efficient. Alternately you could even give up defending altogether to waste their chill completely, if they don't have enough constant attack to do much damage when they breach you.

Base order: Player 1

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDCC
  5. Mahar Rectifier +D

Player 2

  1. DD
  2. DDC
  3. GC
  4. Mahar Rectifier

Change log[]

  • February 19th, 2015
    • Added to the game.