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Red resource unit
Ability, and pay Red resource: gain Attack
Supply: 10
Cost: 3GoldRed resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health2
Attack: Attack
Position: Middle Right
A Perforator

Perforator is a cheap Attackoffensive Red unit, which can be used effectively as preventive defense. It is part of Antares.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Perforator is one of the cheapest Red resourcered attackers, costing only 3GoldRed resource, but it consumes Red resource1 to be Abilityable to attack. Both of those properties make it a very good sink for Red resourcered that would otherwise be wasted at the end of your turn, as you can then use it either to make more Perforators or to attack with them.

Perforator is also a Health2 Health blocker, which makes it as efficient as two Engineers in cost-for-health when used as preventive defense (assuming one Red resource is worth about 1Gold, which is ungenerous to Perforator as red often struggles to find a good use in the late game). It also threatens your opponent for Attack1, possibly forcing them to overdefend if you end up not attacking with your Perforator. This makes Perforator actually quite efficient as non-prompt defense, especially considering it's a red unit, so it only has to compete with Rhino and not Wall or Forcefield.

As a rule, Perforators should generally not be your primary attackers. They can mostly be thought of as support units. You then should rarely find yourself buying additional Animuses to power their attack. Getting 2 plus Animus is 12Gold 2Red resource, which is cheaper than Gauss Cannons, with the option to Blockerblock for 4Health and 2Red resource instead.

Perforator is a good unit to use for first attackers, similar to Militia, as the attack can be skipped into buying Attackers normally, specifically Tarsiers, even blocking attack itself. This is better vs a non-red opponent, since they can't just get a Rhino to nullify the threat efficiently.

Lucina Spinos has the Abilityability to transform Drones into Perforators. Since the construction of Lucina will usually require you to own two Animuses, the first 4 Perforators produced are set to deal Attack to your opponent.

Openings[edit | edit source]

Units that require some Red set up gain strong support.

Player 1 Vivid Drone (1)

  1. DD
  2. A1
  3. Perforator +T1
  4. TT1

Player 1 Odin.

  1. DD
  2. DD
  3. DDA
  4. 2x Perforator +DD
  5. DDB (Floats 3)
  6. WBB (Floats 4)
  7. Odin

Basic rush involving Perforator red sink.

Player 2 Lucina Spinos rush

  1. DD
  2. DA
  3. Perforator +TD
  4. A (Floats 6RR)
  5. Lucina Spinos

Benefits heavily from Doomed Drone. (Go 4 Econ higher)