Prismata Wiki
Blue resource unit
Prompt (Prompt: blocks immediately)
Frontline (Frontline: can be attacked directly)
Supply: 10
Cost: 10GoldBlue resource
Build time: Build time0
Health: Health6
Position: Front Right

A Polywall

Polywall is a Blue BlockerBlocker, PromptPrompt and FrontlineFrontline unit wtih high Healthhealth.




Polywall is tech efficient; it provides as much Blockerdefense as 2 Walls for only one Blue resourceblue. Its FrontlineFrontline mechanism, however, is the drawback to this efficiency.

In the early game, Polywall can absorb all the incoming damage as long as your opponent doesn't have Attack6 attack. When this point is reached though, your opponent will be able to destroy it by simply Abilityclicking it because of its FrontlineFrontline, denying your absorb.

In the late game, Polywalls can be used to defend efficiently if your opponent is attacking for an amount just shy of a multiple of 6; attacks for Attack11, Attack17, etc. allow you to absorb Attack5 damage on your last Polywall. If your opponent's attack is equal to or only one greater than a multiple of six, he will Abilityclick your Polywalls to destroy them, leaving no or close to no damage to absorb for your final Blockerblocker.

Polywall can also be built to save a better absorber by dying in defense, just like you would use standard Walls.

Polywall has the curious effect of actually making multiple Blastforges worse in the set despite being a blue unit. This is because it takes 10Gold to efficiently spend one Blue resource on defense in a Polylwall set, so if you have 2 or more Blastforges, you won't be able to spend both of the Blue resourceblues on Poylwalls unless you have 20 or more Drones. Even if you do, this leaves you with no gold to spend the rest of your tech.

Beware of units that provide Offensive finesse (e.g. Pixie, Auride Core), as these allow your opponent to attack for exactly 6 or 12 Attackdamage, eliminating Polywall's absorb.