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Common Openings

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Unlike chess and some other games of complete information, Prismata does not require rote memorization or extensive opening book study to be highly competitive. However, it can still be helpful to be aware of some common build orders.
Many aggressive builds are difficult or impossible to overcome if the opponent does not anticipate them and adjust accordingly. Familiarizing oneself with these builds is helpful in finding opportunities to use these tactics, as well as learning to counter them.
The following notation is used for all build orders in this article. These apply to base set units. Random set units will be fully spelled out, unless otherwise noted.
* A: [[Animus]]
* B: [[Blastforge]]
* C: [[Conduit]]
* D: [[Drone]]
* E: [[Engineer]]
* F: [[Forcefield]]
* G: [[Gauss Cannon]]
* R: [[Rhino]]
* S: [[Steelsplitter]]
* T: [[Tarsier]]
* W: [[Wall]]
The majority of these openings are only available to Player 2, due to starting with an extra drone. In most cases, Player 1 will be one or two gold short when attempting a P2 opening. However, many of the openings do become available to Player 1 if [[Doomed Drone]] is in the set. Examples of this include [[#Delayed Tia Thurnax|Delayed Tia Thurnax]], [[#Turn 4 Rush|Tatsu Nullifier Rush]], and [[#Double Scorchilla|Double Scorchilla]].
==[[Tia Thurnax]]==
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===Chrono Tia===
If [[Chrono Filter]] happens to be in a set with Tia Thurnax, it is possible to land a Turn 3 Tia. This is perhaps the most aggressive and risky opening in the game. It is available to Player 2.
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===Delayed Tia Thurnax===
Compared to the Naked Tia, this opening gets an extra 3 dronesDrones, andas well as 2 Tarsiers that attack the same turn as Tia, at the cost of only one additional turn.
The delayed Tia Thurnax build is available to playerPlayer 2.
# ... DD
This build order was [ shared by Pseudoradius] on the Prismata subreddit, where he stated:
''"This gives you 9 Attack on turn 6 and leaves you with 9 Drones. Enough to go double Tarsier or Tarsier + Rhino every turn afterwards.
Pseudoradius vs. DrTasslehoff:
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SrslySirius vs. Rheb:
==[[Tatsu Nullifier]]==
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# Tatsu + Wall
If [[Drake]], [[Omega Splitter]], or [[Odin]] are also in the set, this may catch opponents off-gaurd, as the build initially resembles a standard Big Blue opening.
Player 2 can use a similar build order, resulting in additional drones.
Kulenych vs. zzz:
==[[Iceblade Golem]]==
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None yet.
==[[Wild Drone]]==
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Will vs. Timex:
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None yet.
==[[Asteri Cannon]]==
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