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Common Openings

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The majority of these openings are only available to Player 2, due to starting with an extra drone. In most cases, Player 1 will be one or two gold short when attempting a P2 opening. However, many of the openings do become available to Player 1 if [[Doomed Drone]] or, in some cases [[Wild Drone]], is in the set. Examples of this include [[#Delayed Tia Thurnax|Delayed Tia Thurnax]], [[#Turn 4 Rush|Tatsu Nullifier Rush]], and [[#Double Scorchilla|Double Scorchilla]].
==General Tech Progressions==
These openings do not focus on units from the random set, but are examples of common lines to efficiently build drones and tech structures.
===Natural Conduit===
Player 2 has the first opportunity to build a Conduit without cutting Drones. This is particularly advantageous in sets with strong green units, and integral in many common openings.
# ... DD
# ... DDC
===Turn 3 Blastforge/Animus===
Player 1 has the first opportunity to build Blasforge or Animus without cutting Drones.
# DD
# DD
# DD
# DD
===Big Blue===
Player 1 can opt for a large economy while wasting very few resources. This is ideal for defensive sets or ones containing strong blue units such as [[Drake]].
# DD
==[[Tia Thurnax]]==
# ... Shadowfang
Astute opponents can easily counter this if they recognize it on Turn 1. A common counter is to cut a drone themselves on turn 2 to rush out a Blastforge, then follow up with a Steelsplitter, and later a Wall. Applying minimal but immediate pressure to the Shadowfang rusher will crush the strategy. This counter was even effective prior to the Shadowfang nerf on September 2014.
Astute opponents can easily counter this if they recognize it on Turn 1.
# DD - D
# DB - AA
# DS - Shadowfang
# WEE - Shadowfang
From this point, the player is unable to continue buying Shadowfangs and must defend with Rhinos. This counter was even effective prior to the Shadowfang nerf on September 2014.
However, Player 2 is not obligated to follow through with the rush on Turn 2. As Prismata developer Elyot notes, the Turn 1 play can actually be an effective gambit:
Similar to the Delayed Tia Thurnax opening, this build gets out a Shadowfang one turn later than the fastest possible route, but compensates with the resources to play Shadowfang + Rhino every turn. It is available to Player 2.
This build order is available to Player 2.
# ... DD
# ... Shadowfang + Rhino
# ... etc...
Against skilled players, it is often inadvisable to use the RhinoFang as opening Player 2, as it is hard countered by the [[#Player 1 Rush|Player 1 Rush]].
Slight variation S,frostbite instead of first S,R :
===Player 1 Rush===
This opening punishes opponents that attempt to force out an early Blastforge or Animus rather than opting for the natural Conduit. As noted by mrguy888 in the Prismata subreddit:
''2...dd is a fatal error in base+shadowfang.''
As suggested by its name, this opening is available to Player 1.
# DD
# DD
# AA
# Shadowfang
# Shadowfang + R
Player 2 can preemptively discourage this opening by taking the natural conduit. If Player 1 proceeds with the Shadowfang rush, it can be countered with Gauss Cannons and Walls.
# DD - DD
# DD - DDC
# AA - BG
# Shadowfang - WG
# Shadowfang + R - WG
''This line leads to a slow and painful death for the Shadowfang rusher. A couple Forcefields may be necessary, but once you have around 3 or 4 damage, it becomes indefensible for the Shadowfang player.''
None yet.
==[[Tatsu Nullifier]]==

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