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Common Openings

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From this turn onwards you can create 2 drones and militia per turn, and you can choose to either attack with the militia, or use the gold it provides
There's also a similar opening as Player 1.
# ... DD
# ... DB
# ... D Milita
altough with this opening you will lose some tempo on the drones, but you can always use the militia money if you need to.
In general you need to remeber that sometiems it's better to get the money of the militia then attacking with it
for example if you have 1 or 2 vs a wall then get the money.
and in another example if you have 3 militia vs a wall and an engi, then sometimes it's better to get the 3 gold then to kill the engi.
====Replays==== - A p1 militia rush in deadeye
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