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Common Openings

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==[[Tia Thurnax]]==
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Tia Thurnax
===Naked Tia===
This is the standard Tia Thurnax rush, available to Player 2.
# ... DD
# ... DDC
# ... AC
# ... Tia Thurnax* (8 gold and 1 Red remaining)
Win: - Endotherm kits work very well with the rush because you can buy one every turn after getting Tia
Loss: - Naked tia, into feral wardens.
Loss: - Holding Naked Tia & Rhino with base set only
===Chrono Tia===
If [[Chrono Filter]] happens to be in a set with Tia Thurnax, it is possible to land a Turn 3 Tia. This is perhaps the most aggressive and risky opening in the game. It is available to Player 2.
# ... DC
# ... C + Chrono Filter
# ... Tia Thurnax* (4 gold and 1 Blue remaining)
The Turn 1 play DC is highly unusual and should arouse suspicion.
None yet.
===Delayed Tia Thurnax===
Compared to the Naked Tia, this opening gets an extra 3 Drones, as well as 2 Tarsiers that attack the same turn as Tia, at the cost of only one additional turn.
The delayed Tia Thurnax build is available to Player 2.
# ... DD
# ... DDC
# ... DA
# ... DDTT
# ... DDT + Tia Thurnax
This build order was [ shared by Pseudoradius] on the Prismata subreddit, where he stated:
''"This gives you 9 Attack on turn 6 and leaves you with 9 Drones. Enough to go double Tarsier or Tarsier + Rhino every turn afterwards.
''This build severely punishes opponents that opt for a high economy strategy. If Thurnax is available, going for triple Drones probably is suicidal."''
Pseudoradius vs. ChoKosoku:
Pseudoradius vs. DrTasslehoff:


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