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This template closes a wikitable, optional with a footer that can display a count of items returned.


{{Table close
  |footer=yes or no
  |cols=number of columns to span
  |limit=the maximum number of items the table is set up to display
  |count=the number of items displayed
  |link=a optional page name to have the count link to


  • footer: yes displays a footer row as per the other parameters
  • cols: The number of table columns to span. It is okay to indicate a higher number of columns than the table has; it will merely span all of them in that case. The default is 20.
  • limit: The maximum number of items that can be displayed. This is usually determined by a limit on a query that builds the table.
  • count: The actual count returned. This usually requires running the same query needed to build the table, except having it return a simple count instead.
  • link: If provided, this will make the count list a link to the given page.