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This template displays a small tooltip icon suitable for use inline in text. It uses {{icon}} for the actual formatting, but this recognizes several common keywords and is able to handle quantity values in a similar way to the game for given icons.



Alternate usage:


(The alternate usage ensures the icon is displayed only once and the quantity is displayed as a number even for those that normally repeat icons, unless quantity isn't relevant for the given keyword.)

Recognized keywords and examples (note that some values ignore the quantity value because it isn't relevant):

Keyword(s) Example with no given quantity Example with quantity of 3
attack Attack AttackAttackAttack
block or blocker Blocker Blocker
chill or disrupt Chill Chill3
build or buildtime Build time Build time3
blue Blue resource Blue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource
chill or disrupt Chill Chill3
click Ability Ability
energy Energy EnergyEnergyEnergy
exhaust or delay Exhaust Exhaust3
exhaust-click Exhaust after click ability Exhaust after click ability3
exhaust-start Exhaust after start-of-turn ability Exhaust after start-of-turn ability3
fragile Fragile Fragile
frontline or undefendable Frontline Frontline
green Green resource Green resourceGreen resourceGreen resource
gold Gold 3Gold
health Health Health3
hp Fragile (links to Fragile) Health3 (links to Health)
lifespan Lifespan Lifespan3
prompt Prompt Prompt
red Red resource Red resourceRed resourceRed resource
stamina or charge Stamina Stamina3