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Green resourceBlue resourceRed resource unit
Ability, gain AttackAttackAttackAttack, and construct 2 Barriers with Exhaust1 for your opponent
Supply: 4
Cost: 12GoldGreen resourceGreen resourceBlue resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health4
Attack: AttackAttackAttackAttack
Position: Middle Far Right

A Valkyrion

Valkyrion is a Green resourceGreen resourceBlue resourceRed resourceGreen-blue-red unit.





Valkyrion is a unit that adds a large amount of Attack when clicked at the cost of giving your opponent two Barriers for their next turn. If clicked constantly, it produces net 2Attack per turn, over the 2Attack extra at first since when you buy it threatens 4Attack before the Barriers. Still, this seems pretty mediocre when you consider that Mahar Rectifier is more convenient for the same constant attack, and is rarely bought only for its attack. However, the true point of Valkyrion is not raw efficiency but the potential to exploit the Barriers that you give to your opponent (by not dealing enough damage for the opponent to get value out of them).

Without combos, you can usually get about one good exploit out of Valkyrion by opening with one, attacking with it, then next turn holding it back and dealing 0 into their Wall + double Barrier defense, even absorbing on it. This is good value, but ussually not enough to make it a better strategy than other strong random set attackers. When Valkyrion gets really good is when the set contains combos that help you continuously exploit the Barriers. See the combos section below.

Valkyrion's blocking ability is also occasionally useful. It is similar to a Lancetooth in that it provides 2 constant Attack and is a Health4 blocker. Therefore it should follow that like Lancetooth, a Valkyrion can be used as an absorber in a pinch, such as for denying Absorb, or late game when damage is high every turn and defending is difficult. It gives slightly worse value though, since the soak comes 1 defense later, thus Attacking is better.

Valkyrion is also a strong counter to Frontline Frontline units and rushes. The Lifespan1 Lifespan Barriers you're giving your opponent are of no use if you're able to simply target units that can't be defended, sending little or no remaining into their defense.

Finally, Valkyrion can be used effectively in combination with synced Exhaust Exhaust attackers such as Iso Kronus or Scorchilla. The barriers will expire during the off turns of your assault.


Many ChillChill units, such as Cryo Ray and Shiver Yeti, allow you to deny the Barriers value by freezing them. This makes Valkyrion extremely efficient.

Units that allow you to spend your attack without dealing it into the enemy defense, such as Thermite Core, Bloodrager, Lancetooth, Mega Drone and Arka Sodara are also very effective with Valkyrion.


Player 1 (Infusion Grid)

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDC
  5. DDBA
  6. Valkyrion +R (T loses value)
  7. TTWB
  8. Valkyrion +Infusion Grid +E

Player 2 Cryo Ray (1).

  1. DD
  2. DDC
  3. DDC
  4. BAD
  5. Valkyrion +11

Player 1 Chrono Filter (1) rush.

  1. DD
  2. DC
  3. D1 (Float 3, Drone skip cost)
  4. Valkyrion

Player 2 Chrono Filter (1) and Auric Impulse (0) rush.

  1. DC
  2. 01
  3. Valkyrion
  4. DD
  5. Valkyrion

Very efficient Rush with burst finesse and defense. Can support Cryo Ray by extra Auric Impulse use.

Change Log[]

  • April 7th, 2018
    • Added to the game