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Vivid Drone
Colorless unit
As an additional cost to buy Vivid Drone, consume 2 Drones.
At the start of your turn, gain 3Gold
Supply: 10
Cost: 2GoldEnergyEnergy
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Position: Back Left

A Vivid Drone

Vivid Drone is an economic Colorless unit which is more efficient and more breach-vulnerable than standard Drones.




Even counting that they cost 2 energy, Vivid Drones are much more efficient than standard Drones. This doesn't mean you should open with Vivids on your first turn, however: in the early game it is more important to buy multiple income per turn than to save a few gold. The exception is if you want to go for an extremely low-economy opening and get technology on turn 1 or 2 without wasting energy.

It is generally advisable to buy at any time when it fits on a medium economy, since its efficiency means the defending costs are less taxing, enabling more focus on getting Attackers.

Also be careful about reducing your base Drone count too much by building Vivid Drones if you want to make use of other units like Plexo Cell or Plasmafier (or even just Forcefields). Even if you don't plan on using other Drone-consuming units, getting rid of your last real Drones can deprive you of emergency defense capabilities and is likely a bad idea if there are powerful burst units such as Tia Thurnax or The Wincer.


In games where you know you want a very large economy, opening with a Vivid Drone + 2 Engineers on your first turn is more efficient than taking a typical 4 Engineer build using standard Drones. In the following builds, 1 represents Vivid Drone.

For player 1:

  1. 1EE
  2. 11
  3. DDDD
  4. DDDD
  5. DDDDC, or DDDDA, etc

For player 2:

  1. 1EE
  2. 1DD
  3. DDDD
  4. DDDD, 1DDA, 1DDC, etc

There's larger value for Player 1 with Doomed Drone (0). This in particular with medium absorb, efficient attack and no extra soak.

  1. 1EE
  2. 01D
  3. 00DD
  4. 001 (8Gold left)

Synergy with Defense[]

Similar to Drone, it can be played for preemptive Blockersoak along with Drone-consuming units, although it's a limited niche due to Drone expenditure.

Consider this:

  1. Vivid Drone. (Pay 2Gold and Energy.)
  2. Plexo Cell. (Pay 2-1Gold and 2Green resource total now.)

Taking a 1 turn delay as a 70% cost adjustment, this becomes very efficient.

Cost can be then considered as about 3GoldGreen resource preemptively, for 4 Blockersoak.

Change log[]

  • December 30th, 2016
    • Cost changed to 2GoldEnergyEnergy + consume 2 Drones.
    • Gold production changed to 3Gold per turn.
    • Supply increased from 4 to 10.
  • December 9th, 2015
    • Cost increased from 4GoldEnergyEnergyEnergy + sacrifice 3 Drones to 4GoldEnergyEnergyEnergy + sacrifice 4 Drones.
    • Gold production increased from 5Gold to 6Gold per turn.
  • January 8th, 2015
    • Cost increased from 4GoldEnergyEnergyEnergy to 4GoldEnergyEnergyEnergy + sacrifice 3 Drones.
    • Gold production increased from 2Gold to 5Gold.
    • Gold production changed from click-action to start-action.
    • Is no longer a blocker.