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Wild Drone
Colorless unit
Frontline (Frontline: can be attacked directly)
At the start of your turn, gain 2Gold
Supply: 4
Cost: 5GoldEnergyEnergy
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health3
Position: Front Right

A Wild Drone

Wild Drone is an economic Colorless unit with FrontlineFrontline and more HealthHealth than standard Drones.




Wild Drones are a very effective economic alternative in the early game in case of aggressive sets. Costing 5Goldgold + EnergyEnergyenergy for an income of 2Gold is a savings of 1Gold over buying two Drones. This can help accelerate your early game with an earlier Blastforge or Animus buy. The main downside of Wild Drone is that, with Frontline, it can be targeted by opponents directly and mitigate your ability to use Walls or other defenses for their absorption.

In a game with Wild Drones, you do not want to go full on into Wild Drones due to their ability to be targeted, especially in games where building up to 3 attack is easy to do. Buying enough Drones is still a high priority for feeding the mid-game and late-game economy.

However, if one were to think of Wild Drones as 'defenses' rather than 'economy', Wild Drones can be considered one of the best health/gold cost units in the game. For the effective price of 3Gold (after the initial payback of 2Gold from its 5Gold investment), you get Health3 points of defense. This is cheaper defense than most basic blocking units, and even better cost effectiveness than some more advanced defenses. Though it is true that Wild Drone does not have BlockerBlock, and that your opponent can choose to ignore it in favor of breaching (which they should, since Attack3 attack implies being able to take out 3 Drones and reduce your economy by 3Gold rather than 2Gold from going after the Wild Drone), you can sometimes leave your economy in plain sight as your opponent goes for the breach. Every turn after the first that the Wild Drone survives is just extra gravy in terms of cost effectiveness.

Wild Drones also do very well when combined with other FrontlineFrontline units, like the Hannibull, Shredder, or Iceblade Golem since you ultimately give your opponent the ability to shoot at multiple higher-than-average health targets.


Both players can use Wild Drone to build unusually fast high-economy openings in slow sets. For player 1, the following is possible, although it might not be wise to commit to so many Wild Drones unless you're planning on a breachproof or frontline-centric strategy:

  1. Wild Drone
  2. Wild Drone + EE
  3. Wild Drone + Wild Drone

For player 2, this is a common less committal opening:

  1. Wild Drone + E
  2. Wild Drone + D
  3. Wild Drone + DC or Wild Drone + DB

Change Log[]

  • February 17th, 2016
    • Supply decreased from 10 to 4.

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